Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie pumpkin stencil image

Sesame Street Pumpkin Stencils

Print our fun Elmo and Cookie Monster pumpkin stencils!

· Elmo Pumpkin Stencil
· Cookie Monster Pumpkin Stencil

Sesame Street Elmo Pumpkin StencilSesame Street Elmo Coloring Page

Sesame Street Activity Sheets

Print our fun (and educational!) activity sheets for kids featuring your favorite Sesame Street friends like Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird and more!

· Bert and Ernie Counting Fun 
· Big Bird and the Letter “V”
· Cookie Monster Connect the Dots
· Elmo and the Number “3”
· Healthy Habits with Elmo, Zoe and Ernie
· Veggie Hunt with Elmo and Zoe

Sesame Street 3in1

Introducing New 3-in-1 Packaging

Introducing new Extra Sensitive 3-in-1 packaging that brings the fun of your favorite Sesame Street characters into the tub! Your kids will enjoy taking baths and showers using character-shaped Elmo and Cookie Monster 3-in-1’s. Teach little ones the importance of getting clean by using safe products they’ll love! Green Learn More Button

ABC Fizzy Tub Color Tabs

Fizzy Tub Color Now With Letters A, B & C

Make bathtime a fun learning experience! The Fizzy Tub Colors tablets now feature the letters A, B and C to help encourage discussions about letters and sounds while playing in the tub. Your child will have fun exploring color mixing, watching the tablets fizz as they dissolve, and talking about letters. Green Learn More Button